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Anyone know of any programs that can transfer All of my music from my iPod to My computer


Ohhh I Really Should Have said Free

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Use the iPod to PC Transfer. It can backup the files from iPod to your computer without any loss of your files.

For more information, please come to:


It is easy to operate. Just few clicks are OK.

Here is the specific guide for you to follow:


Hope it helpful for you.

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There are tons of programs that will do this automatically for you. They are not free. You may try this iPod transfer software to take all your music off iPod, my friends recommend it to me, it's not free, but it's easy to use and works pretty well for me, I think it well worth the money. If you are interested in it, here it is:



Free try before you buy

Not works for music with DRM

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hi, it is really easy to do that.

here i know a really powerful iPod transfer software.

it can help you to transfer all your music and videos from your iPod to your computer easily.

Free download it here:


just have a try and i hope it will be helpful to you.

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as quickly as you open itunes you will have the potential to desire to click on the image of your ipod then uncheck the area it says sync in common words checked songs and movies.as right away as you have achieved that click on the field the area it says manually look after song and movies and verify it as right away as you have those 2 you're able to drag songs onto your ipod (the area it says "purchasers ipod" or regardless of you named it.)

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