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Who should we buy??

Who do we need??

Who WILL we get??

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Maloney is the answer

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Apparently Freidel has said he wants away from Blackburn so thats the goalkeeper sorted, why we can't find a right fullback heaven knows ! MON has lost interest in Bentley so Milners probably on his way .All of a sudden its gone quiet and the season starts for real tomorrow, i'm right behind MON but sick of reading all the media hype, i want action not words ! Keep the faith.

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Who should we buy?

Big, talented players like Torres and Villa.

Who do we need?

We need players who can take us forward and improve the average standard of the team.

Who will we get?

Players who are not as good as those leaving, e.g. Sidwell for Barry, short-term stop-gap solutions like Brad Friedel or Carson on loan for an entire season.

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Sell Barry

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a Bentley

b Bentley

c Anyone except Bentley

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Villa sucks!

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