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will this be cute for a goth-

Black tee w/ netted sleves and black and white arm socks

tripp pants

dark purple lipgloss

dark eveliner and eye shadow

Any idea for what to do with my dirty blonde hair????

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I was a goth ...2 years ago.

I had a skull shirt, black nailpolish, black lipstick, a plaid skirt, ripped fishnets, and black shoes. Use A LOT of eyeliner, black eyeshadow and a lot of mascara. And for dirty blonde hair use either a black wig or some black and red hairspray the kind you buy at walgreens for like a buck, and it washes out. Good luck, have fun!!

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Happy Halloween!!

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i think it really depends on how long ur hair is if it is short i say u go crazy with it and put some moose and hairspray if its a little to long u should straigthen it out and have a head band or any hair accesory.. :]]

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2 pig tails wit blac ribbon

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black or purple streaks?

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half up or down with hedband

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