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It says It's Hidden. How Can I Get It To Show So PPL Can Contact me Thru It?


It Didn't show the Check Box In the Edit My Info Eaither. =/

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If it doesn't work (it has been a buggy feature) or the option is missing, put a full link in your "About Me" section (i.e. starting from the http:// ...copy&paste the address from your Top Page), with a space following it. This usually happens to users who are under age 18 or if you don't have a simple URL set up.

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Go to your answers profile and click on 'Edit Info"

And in the privacy setting click to show 360 link

Preview and click OK

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Click your avatar to go to your profile. Click the 'edit my info' link. Click/check the box allowing the linking of your 360. Click 'preview,' then 'save.'

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I am afraid I don't know

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i feel any one complaint then it closed

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