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My 1998 Green mustang has plenty of dings and scratches. So I'm looking to repaint the whole thing green. I do not wanna do it myself though. So how much would it cost. And i dont want some crap company, i wanna know a price if the people do it right. thanks

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your talking nay where between 5,000 to 80,000

depending on what you want.

some of those places like Maco dont do such a bad job if you slip the painter a few bucks....

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before repaint .pay a few for detailing.(chances are it will looks brand new)

You may do it in a body shop,for better Quality

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Without seeing the car with the "dents and dings" it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell you...the price will largely depend on how much body work it needs. A good paint job starts at around $2500 but even that depends on the color, brand of paint, the area of the country etc.

You need to go to an actual body shop.

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