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I wanna throw a party or just a little get together for Halloween. What do u think i should do? Games, music, decorations are limited, foods?

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Apple bobbing is a definite, and other cute kiddy games like that, I found loads of the 'net.

Music: Thriller - MJ, and other scary tunes ;)

Decorations: 'spider webs' pumpkins, 'spiders' etc

Food: biscuits, you can get halloween themed party food in supermarkets.

Do a best dressed competition too, and award the winner wins a little halloween prize :D

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1 Play truth or dare. Google some good truth or dare questions and dares.

#2 Make sure you have a lot of chips and pop.

#3 Google some freaky Goth rituals and do some..

#4 Do the Bloody Mary thing. (If you don't know what that is, Google it)

#5 Watch some horror movies.

#6 Play would you rather.

#7 Go on Youtube and search scary things.

#8 Try doing a voodoo doll.

#9 Trick your friends somehow, like shutting the lights off and then scaring them.

#10 Don't go overboard with the decorations.

#11 Have great music. Like Lady Gaga ect.

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Well, as long as there are enough food and drinks, some very loud, hip music, and some color lights, you are good to go. Try covering the light bulbs with orange and black translucent paper, that would make for low (blackish) and orange lighting that would look halloweeney. Also, cut out paper bats and hang them from the ceiling. Besides that, do scary things, play the paper, fake version of the ouija, and move the pencil yourself so that it looks like spirits are talking to you, tell ghost stories, watch the saw movies, or at least play them for people to watch them if they want to, and chill out. You may also want to make a costume contest. Give out candy as a prize or something. Or try and scare the children that come by treat-or-treating. Idk, just have fun.

Also, a funny thing would be to have all of your guests and you go treat-or-treating yourselves and look at the neighbors´ faces when they see a whole lot of big people asking for candy.

You can also take some fairly hot chiles and cover them with chocolate ad put them in a bowl. People will eat them and it will be fun looking at their faces. As for other foods, just have oogey stuff and things that smell nice but look disgusting. Or just order pizza.

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You can do candy apples, finger foods and make them look like actual fingers. For decorations get pumpkins, spider, spider webs, black light, you can also buy like fake arms and stuff and use that for decorations. For games you can do an apple bob and have apples inside water. Hope this helps and hope you have a fun party! Happy halloween!

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just keep it simple watch some scary flicks play some good music like some rock that's always a good thing for a party and as for food just go to ur local supermarket and pick up some chips and frozen appetizers and if your of age some red wine aka blood lol and any ways hope u have fun party

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