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Ok. I started reading Homestuck a few weeks ago, and i love it. I just finished act 5, and all of the sudden **** IS HITTING THE FAN. Like woah, what the fuc* is an alpha time like, if Roxy is raised by rose who the ell are their genetic parents, why are the "Alpha kids" in the future if they are supposed to raise John and everyone, why did Jade gain her god tier, i mean who killed her, and what the hell is a cherub and oh my god im so confused. Help please!

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Okay so you know that:

-All of the human characters were created through ectobiology by John.

-Rose and Dave are genetically Dirk and Roxy's children.

-John and Jade are genetically Jane and Jake's children.

-Roxy, Dirk, Jane, and Jake are all paradox clones of themselves. This means that they are their own parents in a sense.

-The children were put onto meteors and launched back in time into different time periods.

All of the above things are still the same in the alpha timeline.

Here's where things are different. In John, Jade, Dave, and Rose's timeline this happened with the meteors:

-Jane and Jake (John's Nanna and Jane's Grandpa) were sent far back in time where Nanna had a child (John's dad), who took in John after he landed on his meteor and killed Nanna in the process. Grandpa found Jade around the same time.

-Dirk and Roxy (Dave's Bro and Rose's Mom) did not go as far back in time as Nanna and Grandpa. Rose and Dave landed and were found and taken in around the same time as John and Jade.

After John initiated the scratch the time in which the meteors were sent got changed. The new timeline became the alpha and the original four kid's timeline got deleted, but they managed to escape being deleted along with it. In the new timeline:

-Dave and Rose were sent back around the same amount of years as Mom and Bro, and Roxy and Dirk were sent back around the same amount of years as the original four kids. Because of this Rose and Dave's roles were switched with their guardians in the last timeline.

-Similarly John and Jade were sent back around the same amount of years as Nanna and Grandpa and switched roles with them.

Since the old timeline no longer exists Roxy, Dirk, Jane, and Jake never raised the original four kids.

Jade got god tier (or dog tier) after getting killed by the shaving cream bomb. Jack Noir, still having Bec's loyalty because Bec was prototyped earlier, picked her up and flew her to her quest bed. She merged together with Jadesprite after that and that's where the dog features and Bec powers come from.

The Cherub stuff is explained in detail later on in Act 6 so if you haven't gotten that far this is sorta spoilers.

A cherub is an alien species that look like green skull monsters. Every cherub is born with a female and male side, one good and one evil, and eventually one side will dominate the other. Cherubs where the evil side has dominated become bent on destroying other planets and cherubs where the good side triumphed will seek out the evil ones and fight them. When they fight they become giant serpents and this is also how they reproduce. The loser will bring their offspring's egg to a barren planet where the children will grow.

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Jade was killed a while ago, by the courtyard droll who hit her with a shaving cream bomb, and Bec Noir carried her to her quest bed so she could go God Tier.

Cherubs will be explained if they haven't been already, but basically they're an alternate race such as the trolls are.

None of the characters really have genetic parents. They were all created by John using ectobiology and then sent back in time or to alternate timelines via meteors. Beta Roxy raised Rose, but Alpha Rose raised Roxy. They're two separate universes since the Beta universe became a failed session thanks to Bec Noir and they scratched it but escaped using Jade's God Tier powers to the new session they made.

If you're still confused, try checking http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/MS_Paint_A... for help. I'll also be glad to help to the best of my ability if you have any specific questions.

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