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My girlfriend has decided to skip her green pills (Ortho-Cyclen). Is this generally healthy and will her pills still have the same effectiveness after not taking the green pills? She started on her second straight pack yesterday.

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The green pills are sugar pills. They are inert. Meaning they have nothing in them. They are simply there to keep her on track and remember when to start the new pill pack. Not taking those green pills wont do anything good or bad, they are simply there as a reminder of when to start anew.

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The green pills are just there as a reminder for her so she won't forget to take the pills. If she does it so she won't get her period she should get on another kind of pill, there is a pill where she gets her period once every three months. She needs to go talk to her gyno. It probably won't harm her but it might not be working as it should.

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she won't have a period. and no that's not good. talk to an ob/gyn and see what they say. it doesn't have to be hers just call a doctor and say you have a question and your not a patient. good luck.

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