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my dog is a nine year old, very healthy, chihuahua/pug but she has this growth


and it looks like it's about to fall off i felt the top of it and its just skin connecting to the thing and her chest. I've read online that I can remove it by tieing a string around and waiting for it to fall off, but i'm still worried.

We've took her to the vet and IT'S NOT cancerous , but the removal is 200$ and my mom won't pay that much so she decided to leave it on since it's not harmful. (i just turned 18 , but I don't have that kind of money)

it doesn't hurt her, but it IS gross looking. it just hangs there.

I was wondering if I could do the string method? and put a shirt on her?

I just dont want her to be outside one day and have it ripped off on accident and have her be bleeding and no one would know. very worried . she's my baby .

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Thank god your mom is smart enough and thank god you are broke. That is outrageous for a Vet to charge that amount of money.

Yes, you can do it yourself. I suggest you look on youtube for a video (just a guess they have one there. lol) or Google it. It's simple and should fall off within a day or so (or actually right away in some instances)

Then put it in a plastic bag and give it to the Vet and tell him "No charge for you looking at it."


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Black Skin Tag On Dog

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With precise procedures the lesions tend to reappear some time after and you will be back to square one but with this particular guide Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Removal from here https://tr.im/2Vx4n this can maybe not happen.

Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags Removal system has accomplishment rate is 98%. In the same way cough syrups and discomfort, etc. focus on nearly everyone else, once the recommendations for your own personal skin problem are used strongly, it works for you.

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Did the vet biospy it to know it isn't cancerous? That's the only way they can tell.

My Bulldog had something just like that on his leg. We left it alone since it was so small. Then it started growing. In about 6 months it went from a small black skin tag, to a grape size purple mass. The vet removed it during an office visit, under $100. I asked for them to send it to the lab, even tho the vet was sure it wasn't cancer. Got the lab results a few days later, turned out to be Hermangiosarcoma. A type of cancer. The pathology was rather expensive, but the removal of the lump wasn't. Now, any time he has any sort of lump, skin tag, etc. we have them removed ASAP or watch them very closely. Not taking the chance of cancer spreading.

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My dog had a wood tick there last summer season... It's a quite unusual place for one and it can be a good factor I used to be scratching her belly or I don't have seen. If it is been getting any bigger or if you happen to relatively suspect it could be a tick, you will have to take your dog to the vet to be checked out. Ticks raise ailments that can be fatal. My dad's buddy's colossal canine died from lyme disorder considering they not ever found the tick on it except after it handed away. Suse-- no longer utterly authentic... There was as soon as a wooden tick on my dog that was once somewhat larger than the dimensions of the diameter of your ordinary pencil and it used to be black.

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