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So Windows crashed this morning and would just take me through the configuration loop. I tried to restore the computer to a time where it worked, but it was too far gone to be saved. So I had to just reinstall Windows Vista. My computer finally started correctly but now It won't connect to wireless internet. It's acting like there is no wireless card. When I click 'Connect to Network' it doesn't show the wireless here. So I clicked "diagnose why my computer isn't picking up wireless internet' It says 'This computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed and configured' When I click 'Install---' it gives me Troubleshoot driver problems.


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obviously what happened was when you reinstalled Vista, all the programs that you had on before were wiped and you will need to install the driver for wireless card and probably configure it again.

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because you reinstall a fresh window vista ...you have to reinstall drivers for your computer/laptop (sound, wireless, graphic...) in order for them to function properly. Go to device manager and find out what type of wireless card you have. Or it would much easier to know the brand and model of your computer/laptop.

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