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heyy. i have NO IDEA what to be for halloween ): any ideas ? i wanna kinda make a costume like a baby or something but idk ! MUST BE CUTE. PLEASE & THANK YOUUU :D

about me:

13 years old



brown curly hair

yep :D

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i was gonna be a baby but i'm goin with my friend and we're gonna be sumthing together, and also, i wanted to do sumthin more original. so i'd say do sumthin more original. but if u do a baby, just put ur hair in like pigtails. i'd say the low kind of pigtails but the high ones would work too. then get footy pajamas, a binkie, a baby bottle, and just like put pink blush on ur cheeks and ur set!

and if anyone could please answer mine then i'll love you forever! lol


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right here is a few recommendations: bo-peep a fairy a marionette doll (with the crimson circle cheeks, curled hair, a flouncy gown, bright eyelashes and strings related of course) a facebook/myspace website (use cardboard) somebody from a undeniable term 50s,60s,70s,80s(very relaxing!) or from medieval/rennaissance often well-known fictional charachter or a fairytale character-Rapunzel, etc. This one is incredibly cheesy yet one in all you are going to be able to desire to string small ceral bins on a chew of rope then stick forks via the bins and positioned on it around your neck (consequently THE CEREAL Killer)get it?? Yeah that one could be to "gay" for you (because 13yr olds who do matching costumes are) yet its in basic terms a instruction manual.

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an angel

or a witch


just think of some old fairytales

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I no! You can b a Vampire! That's wat I'm being...but it's not cute...

or u could b like a waitress cuz I've seen really cute oufits 4 that!!! Hope this helped! :]

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be a gangsta

...unless you're already a gangsta...

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