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I just got a Macbook pro 13 inch and when I tried turning it on today it just gets stuck on the white start-up screen with the spinning wheel. It was working fine! I've tried resetting the PRAM but it's still getting stuck, what can I do?

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"I just got a Macbook pro 13 inch"

Hmmm... I just got a 1932 Ford... but it isn't new. Is this a new computer? If so, just restore, like this....

-- Restart while holding command and R keys for 45 seconds.

-- Choose Disk Utility.

-- Select the "Macintosh HD" at left.

-- Select the "First Aid" tab.

-- Click "Repair Disk".

-- If it finds any problem, repair again.

-- If no problems, quit Disk Utility.

-- Choose "Reinstall Mac OS X".

Lovely word, "just". Can mean a lot of things. Maybe you just got it a year ago. If so, where is your backup drive? You need a backup drive.

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probable you have Tiger as your defaul OS and you theory that setting up a homestead windows working gadget could be straight forward as you think of. properly, actually, no. once you're working Tiger, you ought to run homestead windows XP or homestead windows Vista yet you may would desire to twin boot from the beginning up-up reveal of Tiger. Plus, you may desire to enable the technicians try this for you because of the fact possibilities of putting in any homestead windows working gadget effectively is 50-50. unlike Leopard, which has Bootcamp, all you may desire to do is pop in the setting up cd and voila... you have homestead windows working. After setting up homestead windows right into a separate partition there is not any would desire to reboot the total gadget. basically bypass to Bootcamp and Leopard will sign off while you would be redirected to homestead windows.

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