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I just got an ipod touch for christmas. I downloaded shows from itunes but every time i try to put them on my ipod it says "Some of the items in itunes library were not copied to the ipod". How do i fix that?


i am not trying to convert videos i am just trying to put videos i bought off of itunes to my ipod

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Please make sure your video is compatilbe with iPod, otherwise you cannot upload it to your iPod. You can visit Apple official website for more info about iPod compatible video:


Maybe the video resolution or video bitrate beyond iPod limitation.

Or you may take a look at this guide, it's about how to convert and put video to iPod, it works pretty well for me


Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.

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iPod can only support mpeg4 video,so you must make sure the video is mp4 format ,you need to have a 3rd party tool to help you to convert dvds and video into mp4 or h264 format, add them into itunes library, then sync to ipod.

Try Cucusoft ipod video converter,it support convert video to iPod directly. Some other software need two steps: 1. convert video to avi; 2. convert output avi to iPod. That solution wastes lots of your time. We need only one step, direct convert video DVD to iPod. So this converter speed is far faster than others

download at http://www.mp3dvdsoft.com/dvdtoipodconverter/index...


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an Apple store gives daily classes or workshops to help you set up and manage an iTunes library as well as sync to an iPod, Find yours at: http://www.apple.com/retail/

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