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Does anyone love him as much as I do? And if so, what is your favorite Cillian Flick?

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What a hottie. He has beautiful eyes. I like him because he's a good enough actor to be the bad guy OR the good guy. I've only seen Batman Begins, Red Eye, and 28 Days Later. I guess I liked him best in Red Eye.... but I liked them all.

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Well, I've only seen him in Red Eye and Batman, but I loved him in both of those, especially Red Eye. He seems like an excellent actor--able to play extremely twisted in this quiet, nonchalant way.

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i loved 28 days later

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he was great in 'red eye' so creepy and a total prik!!! and he was very good in 'batman begins' both good movies

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red eye! he was great in that movie!!

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