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I can get two titans or two 690s for gaming I have the right specs for both gpus in my computer and don't care about noise heating or price, I only care about fps. What would give me higher fps on single monitor gaming at 1920x1200 with games at max?

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quad sli has very little support. you will never get full scaling with the 690 4 way sli. especially not at 1080p. it would provide superior performance in certain titles that are very optimized for sli. games like crysis 3.but i think you would be better off with the 2 way titan sli. full 2 way scaling is very common since 2 way sli is the most commonly used. and with 2 titans you will have some amazing performance on any game. you will have 7.1 billion transistors, 2,500 cuda cores, 6 gb of gddr 5 and 288 gb/s of memory bandwidth per gpu. you need to make sure you have a motherboard that will support run at least pcie 3.0x 8 if sli is enabled. these high bandwidth cards will be bottlenecked by anything lower than that.

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The Titan SLI features over 6 GB of memory and over 2000 Cuda cores (now i am talking about 1 titan gpu,now imagine an sli),basically if you have the money,go for it,it will prove useful for many upcoming pc titles for years to come.

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