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I've tried everything i can.. I have 2 kittens probably.. 2 1/2 months old and they wont go in the litter box, ive had to shampoo the carpets twice and its getting horrible, i locked them all day in the bathroom with food water and the litter box and still they wont go in it.. they wont even take a step in it, when i put them in it they instantly jump out.. i've tried scented / unscented litter but nothing.. what do i do?

i've googled it and it all freaking cat using a toilet,, no way in hell im going to do that

tl;dr Cats wont use litter box no matter what.. what do?

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Two things to try. First don't keep your cats food and litter in the same place. They should be a minium of 10ft apart, it has been proven that cats will not use a litter box that's near their food.

Next, find a neighbor or friend with a cat and 'borrow' some litter lumps. I know it sounds gross, but your kittens have fresh litter with no urine or fecal scent in it. They have no idea what to do. Put a urine and fecal lump in the litter box and put your kittens in the box one at a time. They will sniff it and immediately urinate or defecate to mark the spot with their scent. Then place the other cat in the box.

Leave the lumps in their for a day or so for them to go back to.

Conversely you can purchase litter attractment at Petsmart or Petco - but really you only use it once. And why pay for what your neighbor will happily let you take for free?

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I used to have a cat and he learned by being locked in the bathroom with water,food, and the litter box. But each cat is different. When you see that they are about to do their "business" pick them up and put them in the litter box. If they jump out of it say no (but don't yell) and tap them on the nose. If they stay in the litter box then reward them by giving them a treat or petting them so that they know that they did good. I hope this works and Good Luck!

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I agree with Snaffle. That's a good Idea. If that doesn't work maybe try some catnip? Best of luck to you and your carpets! :D

- Rhinofeeder

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You dont?

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