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So I killed my sidekick's screen, got on ebay, bought a "repair kit" for a broken sidekick3 screen, came with the little T6 screwdriver and everything. (This was after T-mobile refused to fix it or acknowledge my warranty)

It was really easy to do, you just have to unscrew two screws to put the entire screen and wires and such together

Two things aren't working for me, 1. the siding will pop off if I flip the phone too quickly, it's like the screen is just a little bit two big for the phone and 2, my screen will just start freaking out on me and go all white or it'll have what I can only describe as a seizure.

Did I get screwed?

Is it the connection?

What should I do?

The siding doesn't bother me that much, I can live with just taking it off or gluing it on.


I paid full price for the f*cker and the screen was only $25

That's absolutely nothing compared to the price of a BRAND NEW SIDEKICK, are you kidding me?

The cheapest phone T-Mobile will sell me is $70

They're ridiculous.

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If you have your Sidekick 3 THAT messed up then i suggest that you get a new phone. The new Sidekick 2008 isnt that expensive. I think that your gonna waste more money trying to fix your Sidekick 3 then if you go buy the Sidekick 2008

Hope this helped

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