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I'm 23 weeks pregnant, and keep having pain in my right ribs. (My ribs aren't even, the right side is flatter than the left, like they got smushed).

Is it from the uterus moving the organs around? Or are those ribs expanding some because of the funny shape?

What's going on lol and how do I make the pain stop??

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My sister-in-law had a very similar problem. I have no way of knowing if your situation is the same as hers, but here goes. Her ribs on one side looked pushed in almost 2 inches, very weird looking! Her doctor said her ribs were out of alignment. Sometimes they can slip out of position, sounds crazy but it's true. She also had pain associated with it. I don't remember of the top of my head exactly what they told her to do, but I do remember she had to wait it out for a while. I would definitely bring it up to your doctor.

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