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We got her from a friend about 5 days ago, and she ate fine for the first three days. She then began vomiting 2 nights ago, and throws up anything she eats. My boyfriend and I thought it was something serious so we took her to the vet, and he didn't think the situation was too bad and just gave us medication for deworming, but she threw that up too. They tested her for worms, but the results came back negative, but just to be safe he gave us the medicine.

We have fed her dry food and canned food, and recently got kitten formula to see if she would drink that. When she came into our home she ate fine, and seemed to favor the dry food, which is left out all day long, with her old food mixed with our current kitten food.

We also have an eight week old boy kitten adopted from the local humane society. She played with him until she started throwing up, and it doesn't look like any of the house chemicals have been tampered with.

Please help! We feel like new parents that have no clue what they're dealing with.

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To above, only purebred breeders keep the animals until 13 weeks as via breeding clubs rules, a quick look around any site selling animals will show that as 6 weeks is the LEGAL earliest, people will choose that option to get rid of the expense as soon as possible, I don't agree with it but the law says you can so that's that.

Starve her for 12 hours, if she's unable to keep down food you need to let her stomach settle, not try and force a clearly distressed stomach to deal with something it can't, starve her and then feed her something plain like rice or boiled chicken, something her stomach won't need to work hard to digest, a lot of cats can get upset easily and their bodies react to that, it could also be the new food, even mixed with the old cats stomachs can be sensitive to change and the new food could be messing her stomach up, in this case still starve then give her a bowl of her own food, then SLOWLY add the new, don't just mix half and half straight away, also make sure you regularly clean the bowl out fully, it's far too easy for mold to grow if old food isn't cleaned off the bottom, I've seen a lot of cats come in sick and when I ask the owner when they last fully cleaned the bowl they couldn't even remember, sometimes it's the little things, also get a new vet, when a 6 week old kitten is vomiting he should have been more concerned, she's probably only small and needs food and water, if her body is throwing it back up then she's not getting what she needs and needs to be monitored carefully or she could suddenly need IV feeding.

So basically, 12 hour starve for kittens then something plain like rice or boiled fish/meat

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First of all at 6 weeks old a kitten should be with its mother and litter mates. At 5 weeks old they start to learn to eat and use the litter box.

A good breeder does not allow kittens to leave until they are over 12 weeks and here is why.

The kitten will have started its vaccines

will be eating and using the litter box with no problems

Will be more socialized

Will old enough to make the transition into a new home

less likely that any illness will pop up.

Has been vet checked and given a clean bill of health.

Has been wormed several times.

PS they don't tamper with house hold chemicals they like the bottles, jugs, spray nozzles and so forth.


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Six weeks old is too young for a kitten to be away for it's mother. She may be stressed out and not able to adjust to her new environment. Not to worry though cats are resilient animals. I suggest feeding her with a syringe until she adjusts. Water mixed with a little cream works well. Keep dry food always available and wet food (canned) once a day. Encourage her to eat the wet food each time you set it out. Give her lots of love and try not to leave her alone for long periods of time. She's a baby and needs to be nurtured. If the situation persists take her back to the vet.

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Are there any plants in your house? Many house plants are toxic to cats. She may have been poisoned by one. Things like windshield washer fluid, onions, and chocolate, that you may not think of as harmful can kill cats. Kittens don't live long without food. If she is not taking the formula, you may want to call the vet and talk with him about it.

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If she's not keeping anything down... could she have eatin something?... more like a toy? or a rubber band? if their is something blocked it wont pass through and will keep her throwing up. and if shes acting blah... i would call your vet back and tell them shes not any better. still throwing up everything. that shes not playing with the other kitten.

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