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I have adopted two kittens both boys. Have had them for 3 days. They have settled well and eating well. The problem is one of them just sat beside me on the sofa. I thought he was up for some snuggles but he sat next to me and had a wee. He has not done it before and they are litter trained. Any idea why he did it. And what is the best way to prevent this from happening again. AS I SAID ABOVE THEY ARE LITTER TRAY TRAINED AND HE HAS NOT DONE IT BEFORE.

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Were you petting him a lot at the time? It could be he just got a little over-excited and lost control - unless he showed any digging or squatting behavior. If it was just a little piddle, i wouldnt worry overmuch unless it keeps happening. If it does, see if you can identify what is happening right before it does and see if it is soemthign you can watch for and avoid.

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Maybe he just makrs his place. One time is not a crime.

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