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My kitten might have gotten URI again. When I first got her she was 2 months old and I took her home and this green stuff was in her eye so I told the lady who I adopted from. she gave me eye drops and antibiotics then it cleared up and she was fine. (Never sneezed only runny eye)

now she is 6 months old so that was 4 months ago.

Yesterday I got home and she was sneezing like every 5 minutes. Today shes still sneezing and now her eyes are watery and shes not really doing much she hasn't been acting her self.

I don't understand how she got URI if she's not around cats she's indoor. Or maybe its not URI?

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This going to seem odd but I highly recommend googling it further. My kitten is the same way, my vet told me most cats have a form of herpes , and they never get rid of it it just becomes active normally when the cats stressed. ( no we cannot catch it from the cat)

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