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Hi, I thought this would be an interesting topic. I am not now, nor have I ever been pregnant. I am only asking this question to inspire a lively debate. All opinions are welcome, but please be nice and respectful of other views! Please tell me whether you are pro life or pro choice and why. And remember..be nice! I myself am pro-life for religious and moral reasons. What are your views?


Tess brought up an interesting point...when you have an abortion is it your own body or another person? I believe it is a baby and therefore aborting it is murder. What do you think and why?

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I'm pro-life for the most part. People who believe they are mature enough to have sex should be mature enough to find the right means to prevent a pregnancy and should be prepared for what could happen if their condom/birth control/etc. fails. If not, they should have to deal with the consequences... Wow, I sound mean... but yeah... I know the whole "aborshun iz murdur lol" phrase is overdone, but... it actually is murder. There is a living organism inside of the person, and it is being intentionally killed. I think that's just wrong.

The only exception I make to this is when people are raped. They didn't ask to have sex, and they therefore could not prepare for a pregnancy. Although it is still murder, they didn't make the mistake, and they shouldn't have to deal with the consequence.

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I don't know if I could get one myself, but I'm not against it. (Unless it's repeatedly, then I am.)

1. Would you rather an unwanted baby grow up abused and neglected, or not have to go through that suffering?

2. Would you rather a baby get tossed around in several foster homes, being used for money, abused, unloved because the mother thought she was giving it a better life by letting it live and not keeping it herself?

3.Do you want a baby to go through poverty and have a mother who can't take care of her because she's young, doesn't have a reliable job, has no support, can't finish her education? You don't know the girls story.

4. What if she was raped and the baby reminded her of the rapist?

5. What if she was an addict and knew she wasn't going to stop just because she was pregnant? Is it more responsible to create another crack baby that will have a lot of difficulties in life or terminate the pregnancy?

6. Just because someone had sex, doesn't mean they're ready to deal with the consequences or even were ready for sex. I know 12 year olds who have had sex. Are you seriously going to tell me you want a fcking 12 year old to raise a baby? How ignorant can you get?

7. A fetus is not a baby. If a fetus was a baby, they would not have the name fetus.

And to the girl who had triplets at 16, you must have had one hell of a support group. You can do it because you have support. I find it hard to believe you are 16, single (like a lot of teen moms), have a job(s), have 3 kids, go to school full time, have provided a shelter (not your parents house), and are able to pay a baby sitter on a regular basis. What about the people who don't have supportive parents and friends? What about the people who have to pay for everything on their own?Until you are capable of doing that (what an adult has to do when they have a child) you have absolutely no room to say anyone can raise a kid because you have triplets.

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It appears I am in the minority here, but I'll come out and say it: I am absolutely, completely and unabashedly Pro-Choice. I have *many* reasons for believing so. Number one is moral. Silencing a woman on making a choice regarding her own body is cruel and unthinkable. If we take away one of our human rights, the right to choose, then what else can be taken away? Our families? Our words? Our actions, our feelings and thoughts and dreams? As long as I live, I will never allow myself or another person to have their RIGHTS, stripped away from them.

One thing majorly factoring into my belief is that embryos are not viable human beings. The vast majority of abortions take place within the first trimester, or very early into the second trimester, when fetuses have a 0% chance of surviving outside of the mother's body anyway. Before they are viable as a living, breathing, separate and complete entity, I do not believe they can be counted as a person. When most people envision abortion, they think of a bloodied-up baby about the size of a newborn, but that just doesn't happen - even though there aren't laws against abortion outright, there are laws forbidding an abortion after a certain amount of time has taken place during gestation (usually at some point in the third trimester, at which the fetus would have a chance of living outside the mother's body). So, being that I don't believe a newly developing embryo is in fact a person, I do not believe it is murder to have an abortion.

What enrages me beyond belief is everyone saying "You had sex, now deal with the consequences." First off, let's take the statement at face value and believe that everyone who wants an abortion had consensual sex in the first place (which obviously is not true). What, exactly, do you think would be accomplished by bringing an unwanted baby into the world? Do you think that once the baby is born, the parents fall in love with the baby and live happily ever after? 'Cause that will rarely happen in a case where the mother wants to abort but can't. The reality? The mother won't love this child, the mother won't care for this child. The child will either end up unloved and unhappy, or the child will die/be put into the social services system because of abandonment, malnourishment, etc.

Another possibility? The mother will turn abusive, seeing the child as a reason her life is now in ruins. Sad, and certainly not right, but very plausible and very real. Also? Everyone seems to have this idea in their heads that once you decide to adopt out your baby, the kid will go to a loving family and be taken care of and find a family. That? Doesn't always happen. Sometimes, a couple will bypass the system and take in a child they don't care for, either. Or the child will be bounced around from home to home in the foster care system. Or, in another case, the child will stay in an orphanage, never find a family, and age out of the system and turn out homeless or poor.

Now, that statement that came up before about consequences? Let me paint you a little picture. A girl, 12 or 13 maybe, is walking home from school and is raped. Or maybe she's molested by a family friend. Maybe she turns up pregnant. Maybe her family couldn't care for a child, or the innocent child's life would be risked if she were to carry out a pregnancy. What would you do? Let her die, because apparently she "made a choice" to be raped? Maybe she didn't cry out hard enough when she was attacked. Somehow, I doubt it. A victim gets victimized even further when forced to take care of and risk her own life because of a criminal act performed against her. That's not fair, that's not moral, and the way to avoid that girl's life being ruined or taken from her in that case would be abortion. "Murder" the undeveloped cluster of cells in her uterus, or really and truly murder a scared human being with emotions and a future that she can see?

I've gone too far into this already, obviously this is a cause I'm heavily invested in. Hopefully this will have enlightened someone.

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I am pro-choice.

I respect people who are pro-life but in my opinion these people have no right to tell others whether or not abortion is okay. I dont consider abortion murder because the fetus is not a grown individual and I believe that it's a person's own choice what to do if they get pregnant. Certainly I'm not saying that people should just get pregnant by having unprotected sex and then have an abortion. I believe abortion should be last resort. For example, what if a teen is raped? They deserve to have the right to have an abortion. I believe it should be the choice of the person, and no one else's opinion matters.

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Chuck Norris has a good point about how people get abortions to get rid of a life changing responsibility. However, there are more points than just lazy people who just want to have sex all of the time. There are instances of rape, being homeless, and not having the means to raise a baby. I think ultimately it is the woman's choice. It shouldn't be used for birth control, though. I just think that there are cases where abortion is a good choice. For example, if I was homeless and couldn't even feed myself, I'd go to a clinic and get an abortion because I'd rather not have the baby starve in the womb and out in the real world. Sometimes, an abortion is the best choice. But people should think about their options before going to get an abortion. I could go on and on about this topic.

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I am pregnant and 100% pro-choice. Choice is a beautiful thing. Restrictive rules not allowing people to decide the course of their lives and what will happen to their bodies is a symptom of an authoritarian and undemocratic society. If I don't share a certain views on religion, life and trust science to make their own choices, why should they be forbidden to get an abortion in safe place? The fact that some religions or people don't want to get abortions doesn't mean they can take away that right from others. If people don't believe in abortion, don't get one and let other people be. Again, choice is beautiful.

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I'm pro-nothing. If people want to be pro-life then they should be able to. On the other hand if people want to be pro-choice, they should be able to do that as well. Both sides should respect one another and mind their business. I have a young daughter that I love with all of my heart and I couldn't imagine not having her around now but I do understand that emotionally and financially I am able to bring a child into the world and can raise her properly. Abortion is there for people who needed. That being said it should never be used as a form of birth control just because someone doesn't want to wear a rubber or go on the pill.

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I don't like the thought of abortion. So I would never have an abortion. I can't wait to have a family and I love children, so I wouldn't want an abortion anyway.

But I think a woman should decide what she does with her body. But as for the point that Tess made, it is her body, but it is another person THAT IS PART OF HER BECAUSE SHE HELPED MAKE IT but idkkkkkk.

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Well, to each his (Well, in this case her) own, so I guess I'm pro choice, but if someone wants to be pro life, that's a choice too.

I don't blame people for having abortions, if they're raped or they got pregnant by accident or whatever I don't think it's fair to force someone to keep the baby.

Although if you're not afraid of the pregnancy itself or childbirth or whatever but just don't want a child, I think you could always give the baby away for adoption. But maybe you wouldn't want your baby to be in someone else's hands...

But I'm sure I would personally feel incredibly guilty if I had an abortion... But then again I don't want a baby at age 14.

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I believe that an unborn child has not had any experience of life, therefore it wouldn't be murder to have an abortion. Honestly, I think it is okay. Obviously it is not the greatest thing a person could do, but I do not think it is wrong. If your caught in a sticky situation like being pregnant, especially if your young, or the child has some sort of life threatening condition in which it would suffer throughout it's life, it would be a option that would need to be thoroughly thought out before making a decision.

And in reply to the people who say "If your stupid enough to have sex knowing that you can't raise a child, you should pay the concequences." -If you know that you can't raise the poor kid, you would just give him/her a horrible life. Even if you let another family adopt him/her. They would know that they were different-not like everyone else. This would obviosly cause stress in a child's life. I'm not saying that would happen to every adopted kid, but there is a large chance. Would you really want to do that to someone? I know I wouldn't.

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