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I just found this thing in the parking lot, so i decided to take it. THe problem is it won't turn on, there's only 7 buttons and a reset button on the back, so its gotta be pretty simple. Do I have to hold something for a few seconds? Or a combination of buttons? Or is it just broken?


I tried resetting it, but nothing pops up. Yet when I put batteries in, they heat up.

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It was probbably tossed, however, there may be hope.

First, here's the support page:


So you can learn about the unit.

The batteries getting hot means there is a short somewhere, the batteries are overheating / drawing lots of current so they are getting hot.

Since you have nothing to lose and are somewhat handy, try here for takeapart instructions and see if you can get this thing going as it was a pretty good PDA for it's day.


Good luck.

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