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"the reality of existence is necessarily existent, for it is fundamental (there being nothing fundamental except it) and absolute (sirf) (for it is not mingled with anything other than itself, as it has no other or second, as mentioned in Chapter 1). This is so because it is necessary for a thing to be what it is and impossible for it to be its own contradictory, which is nonexistence in this case."



'Allamah Tabatabai

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yes, god = existence, god is the only reason because of which human fear to do sins.

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at the same time as adversity might open some human beings's eyes to the suffering of others (it does not continually), maximum excellent to, on your words, "emotional adulthood," if there have been a god that created each and every little thing, and became in cost of ways each and every little thing works, it ought to have created us with an inborn experience of empathy. in certainty, if there incredibly have been an all-efficient, all-loving god, suffering does no longer exist. i understand, i understand. there's a bible tale that designate that human beings are responsible for suffering, yet except human beings are as efficient simply by fact the god interior the story, the god might have had to have created the means for suffering to verify that anybody to journey it. So, it nevertheless comes lower back to the god of the story being responsible for each little thing, and making some incredibly psychopathic selections. In any journey, discussions of why a god might do something are untimely simply by fact that no info has ever been offered that proves that such an entity certainly exists. this is "putting the cart till now the pony." no longer something actual demands faith. .

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Wordplay ftw.

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