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im a 17 year old girl (virgin) and all day now ive had a sharp pain in my right nipple.

its totally random!

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Im 18 and I have also had these sharp pains before, I went to a doctor and he said; DO NOT wear a bra at night(keeps pressurre off) also hold ice onto your'e soar nipple/nipples (numbs and eases pain) take a bananna and heat it up for about 15 seconds and smush it rub onto nipple/nipples (sooths and calms them) Hope I helped u out :-)

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Nipple Sharp Pain

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Ive had this occurred and wen i asked my physician she mentioned its nothing to fear about its jus developing agony no have to worry it would even be if u r getting "turned on" they might be getting harder in view that its in tht state of sexual pleasure

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