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The screen is very, very dim on my Dell XPS M140 (running windows XP) I can make out a very faint image on the screen. When connected to an external monitor, I can see a picture so I think there is something wrong with the laptop screen. I went to the Dell support website and it ran a troubleshooting thing with me, but never told me what could be the problem, just told me to call their support line for $49. I would be happy if someone could give me a couple of scenarios for me to check out, not a specific diagnostic. So here is what is happening:

1. screen is blank. Flashes briefly on startup and then goes entirely blank. Noises of windows starting up can be heard, and since I am actually using the computer right now on an external monitor, I'm fairly certain the problem is with the laptop screen.

2. There is no specific program it is going blank on. It is blank from startup (except for brief flash mentioned above)

3. There is a very dim, faint image that i can make out at certain angles, but when I go to dell support it just tells me to adjust the brightness settings (which I tried and didn't work).

So can anyone tell me what might be wrong?

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i had a compaq laptop that had a similar problem. The backlight went out of it. im not sure if it can be replaced or not. It was old so we threw it away.

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