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I adopted a kitten for my grandmother about a few weeks ago and overall she is a very good kitten. Eats well, uses the litter box, and is very sweet. My only problem is she is constantly getting on the counters, de-rolling an entire roll of toilet paper every chance she gets and attacking my dog. I know that cats can be fascinated with the toilet paper thing so I just took the toilet paper off the roll and keep it on the back of the toilet, so that problem is solved. But what I don't understand is no matter how many times she gets squirted in the face with water when she gets on the counters, she climbs right back up there 10 minutes later. And the way she seeks my dog out and attacks her is very bothersome. I keep her in the bathroom when I'm not at home for this reason but I still cannot keep her off the counters. My grandmother cannot take her until the first of October, but is there something I can do to at least keep her off my counters? I do not want her going to my grandmother's house thinking she is allowed to get on the counters over there as well. Please help!

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i tought my cat not to jump on the counter by having a spray bottle with water in it near me and when he would jump on it i would spray either near him or him && he soon learnt that if he jumps up there he gets wet.


taking him down or yelling dosnt work && they will do it when there full grown

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I used a spray bottle with water in it and when the cat was on the counter I would spray the cat a little. Since they don't like water it didn't take long to break the jumping on the counters.

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Homemade cat repellent.

Try putting crushed red peppers on the counter, or Rosemary Essential Oil - cats run in fear. You could try mixing a little of the rosemary or crushed red pepper with water, and mist it onto areas that are problematic.

You could also try some crushed garlic, cayenne, sugar, water, lemon, cinnamon. That is the best one. Cats hate it.


20 drops of lemon oil

10 drops of capsicum (Liquid) which is cayenne pepper

20 drops of eucalyptus oil

1 quart Water

Mix, shake well. May be sprayed on furniture, carpet, upholstery.

These are approximate amounts. Experiment.

Here's a site that might help:


Good luck!

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