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I'm buying a gaming laptop. I recently murdered my last 17.3" laptop by mistake (it was kind of **** anyways so I'm upgrading)... and so I'm used to lugging it around but I have to admit it was a pain to use in school and non-home environments. Travel was especially annoying because I couldn’t even use it on the plane because it was so big. I was wondering if the luxury of portability was worth downgrading? I have two laptops built, one 15.6 and one 17.3, but the 17.3 has a few external specs that the 15.6 does not feature that are also nice to have. Like a higher resolution webcam, back-lit keyboard, better battery life, and extra ports, etc. I know the larger display is typically nicer for movies and gaming, but I also hook my laptop up to a much larger screen at home which would make those extra specs and larger display pointless for the time it’s hooked up. But this is only in home environment. I guess I'm trying to keep in consideration my school work and lugging it around campus along with not disturbing those around me when I’m in a more cramped area. Are there any gamers that play on a 15.6"? Do you ever get annoyed? Just looking for opinions and any other remarks I may be overlooking. (internal specs are the same on both pc’s by the way).

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