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Are the following sites legal for music downloads??








** tell me if they are legal

** which 1 u use if u use 1

** wats the best in your opinion

** and other suggestions for good, legal, music download sites

** and wat is ur FAVE song... hehe .. jus wondering about this one!!!

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Anytime you download music for free, it's illegal.

You are stealing someone's music without paying them.

That's illegal.

Rhapsody offers a free trial, but you give them your credit card number, and if you don't cancel within 14 days they will charge you.


all those programs will get you viruses except Rhapsody. Sorry.

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They all are legal because companies cannot sue you personally for sharing. Limewire is by far the best and and virus free. You have to download this program. Here's some tips on how to get your computer fast for downloading music (I use this and stand by it personally).

First, download the basic free version. You don't have the turbo speed downloads with this one, but hold on you will. Then search for Limewire Pro and download that. This is how you get the full version for free. You will be able to download a turbo speeds.

Second, you need to pay attention to the numbers next to where you search. This indicates the number of users sharing the file. The more users you download from, the faster.

Third, you need to tweak your internet connection. I have a nifty program that will increase your speed online not only with Limewire, but on regular downloads from internet explorer. It's called Speedguide.net TCP Optimizer. This will optimize your Receive Window for your computer allowing you to get faster streams. Download this from the link and run it. Be sure to select Optimal Setting and apply. This will increase the download speed.

My favorite song right now is between To Be Loved by Papa Roach and My Love by Justin Timberlake.

Any other questions IM me at [email protected] on Yahoo IM or pfc0924 at AOL IM.

Happy Holidays!

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i know for a fact that limewire is illegal and i think morpheus is too, but i'm not sure about that one. i use rhapsody which is legal and... yea i havnt heard of the rest.

napster is another good one that is legal. itunes is good but i think u need and ipod for that.

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umm if you want a legal song download you have to pay, and no one says these websites are ilegal? so i just loose limewire, you wont get caught if you are worried about that. umm my fav song is ...wow i have alot lol

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I would suggest limewire.. i'm not exactly sure if its legal..but my brother uses it all the time and it works great!

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