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okay so i want to use this site that i translated on google but i got it from yahooanswers and its for ur msn names but i dont understand what to do and when i copy and past the code in my personal settings (to change my name) it uses it perfectly and then like 1.5 secs after it say u are unable to use this name ?? help i need it here is the site i translated it for you guys thanks !

So: tell me how to do it i want my name in the green this with the a's ??? how do i do it???





?do i press enter in the conversation window??

?do i write my current nickname?

?do i put what i want it to say in the space where it says mondo emotions???

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you have to install PLUS first if you want to use that site


THEN use the site

install plus

sgin in MSN

then open a conversation window and then write your NICk and the code given in the web

for example

I'm the best 12,11[11,12[2,12[12,2[1,2[2,1[11,1 MundoEmoti2,1] 1,2]12,2]2,12]11,12]12,11]0,0

that's all.. contact me if you have doubts, I'm spanish











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there's a difficulty; plus have not released a version for that one, so which you the two could post with it and wait, or uninstall and get the previous msn decrease back :) desire i helped a sprint x

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