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Does anyone have a VW Jetta? Is it a good car? And are you happy with it?


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I love mine! i can honestly say, its the car i'd buy over and over again. It drives smoothly, is safe, was very reasonable on the pricing, and i get really good MPG.

The Leatherette seats are a nice touch to the car, and the interior is so high quality, you can compare it to the interior on an Acura in my opinon.

The only complaint i have about my jetta is the 80 dollar oil changes, but they come wiht tire rotations, a car wash, and a check up, so overall, it balances out the cost. (you can't do the oil change yourself because of the engine protector on the bottom)

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i have a VW Jetta TDI, and i love it. one of the best cars i have ever had. better than my cougar, maxima, focus, optima, prism, and pathfinder. i had a BMW a few years back and truthfully is i got to chose between a BMW and a Jetta based on everything except speed i would deffinitly choose the Jetta.

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this is a good car if you take car of it. you have to change the oil and the filters on time. also dont kill the engine and the transmition.... its a great car!

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Driven it many times.

I wish I bought one. They are great cars. Fun to drive, great quality and lots of standard features.

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yes it is a good car

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