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My cat just had a kitten and it is three days old. It has fleas, so does momma and I was wondering how I can get rid of them. The vet said to use a flea comb, but the little guy won't let me hold him for long. She also said not to use dawn because he is to young. What can I do?

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i have two kittens and they both had fleas...BAD when i brought them home. i went to walmart and got sergeants gold flea and tick shampoo. it worked amazingly! while they were wet i combed them and got the dead fleas off and havent seen one since.

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If its 3 days old there is nothing u can buy to de flea it as it is well too young and almost all flea products are well too strong.

U will just have to try your best by combing it.

But with the mummy use stronghold.

It is the best flea stuff u can get and also prevents the cat from getting worms.

Never use frontline or flea powders.

Hope iv helped u. Just listen to the vet.

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Frontline it has worked great for my cats. And if the kitten is too little you can give them half or so of the frontline. But it won't kill them unless you put it where they can eat it. Make sure you put it on the back of their neck. I suggest you give them a flea bath first (you can buy a Flea Bath shampoo at Pet SuperMarket or Petco, etc) BUT make sure you wait a few days to put the frontline on because it won't work as good. And you're cat should be good and if you see fleas still don't panick it takes time for the frontline to work the first time but the flea bath prevents that more. Good Luck! I know how annoying and scarier fleas are =)


Congrats on the Kitten

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i have found that giving my cat a bath once a week in flea shampoo, you can get it at the pet store. it will kill all the ones on him at that time, but they will still be all around the house. since he is so little, you cant give him strong medicine. but you cant give the mom medicine.... and maybe try a flea fogger for the house. vacuum everyday.... until the kitten is old enough you have to take these steps and do them religiously.

hope this helps!

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DO NOT DO NOT get a flea collar... use the comb, your vet knows what is best. Be patient, do it bit by bit as long as the kitten can stand it. Kittens tend to fall alseep easily and often, getting while its asleep may be the best option.

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def. use the flea comb on the kitten.. he will sit still when feeding. do it then.

With the momma. use flea shampoo.. and then use the flea comb.

Do not use collars. they suck and will only irritate their skin around their neck

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Take them to a vet and have them take care of the cats. Kittens can DIE from fleas...

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AseeZ... Answer mine?? PLEASE?

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EASY! get a flea collar they are cheap and work.Oh and dont let it outside that is a big DUH if you dont want your kitten to get them again

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